Hartzler Pianos has one goal: providing clients with high quality piano services that help them make music.

My tuning and restoration services provide experienced workmanship and thoughtful customer service that ensure your satisfaction. From tuning and repair to full piano restoration, my complete piano service approach to the instrument offers you and your piano the best in piano service.


The Workshop

The workshop is where pianos have their voices returned to musical life. It serves as a place of direction and focus, providing opportunity for problem solving and creation that are the hallmarks of the restoration process. High ceilings promote free flow of ideas, and abundant natural light keeps things real and close to nature. It is situated adjacent to our home amid forest and gardens. The natural beauty of the setting is a deep source of inspiration for my piano work.


Piano Tuning

I tune aurally. Electronic tuning devices have their place in the world, but I feel it is important to remember that high quality piano work is guided by the ear, not the eye. The old-school aural tuning process involves listening and discovery as each note is given its proper musical place in the scale. This "listening with ears open" approach allows for a great tuning and enables me to further refine the piano's tone.


Tone Design & Performance

Every piano has a sweet spot where power, clarity, and sustain all live in harmony; this is a position of strength that allows the pianist to be comfortable and creative in performance. It is my job to keep my clients in this envelope, allowing music to emerge with expressive beauty.

The tonal system of the piano is a chaotic one at heart, with different parts of the tone often marching to their own muse. For instance, I am always negotiating between power and clarity, and I am in constant dialogue with exuberant noise in the tone to keep things exciting but still beautiful. Balancing these disparate elements to produce a great musical experience is the most rewarding aspect of piano work. work.


Action Design

Very few things in this world are as lovely as sitting down to a piano whose action is well-executed. The quality action stands with athletic poise, ready to respond with speed, agility, and grace. In contrast recall your choice of nightmare instrument, where entire dynamic ranges are out of reach and the pianist feels always at the very edge of control. Music made under these conditions can be hard-fought.

My approach to action service and rebuilding stresses the ideas of control and clarity. I design actions to carefully balance touchweight, inertia, and friction to produce a custom action execution that matches both the instrument's character and the preference of the pianist. With these parts in proper proportion, the piano action freely connects musicians with both the instrument and the music.

The Guild

The Piano Technicians Guild is a dedicated group of craftspeople committed to the art and craft of piano work. The cameraderie and learning enabled through association with such a talented group of individuals is energizing and inspiring. I am proud to be a member of the PTG as a Registered Piano Technician.



I fell in love with the piano almost overnight. I began to play as a young adult and soon the piano became a passion for me. To make up for a late start, I practiced 10 or more hours a day. My frenetic practice routines eventually led me to the school of music at The Ohio State University. After completing my music degree at OSU, the world of the piano was further opened up for me at the North Bennett Street School in Boston.

At NBSS I was completely immersed in the piano all day every day, and surrounded by skilled and devoted craftspeople who are dedicated to teaching the trade. I have been performing high quality piano work since 1999 and in that time I have had the opportunity to perform concert-level work for artists at prestigious venues across the country.

If you need service for a Steinway piano, I have the expertise to provide the best in service for your Steinway. My experience at all-Steinway institutions such as The Boston Symphony Orchestra as well as summer music festivals at Aspen and Tanglewood requires an in-depth knowledge of the Steinway piano that makes my Steinway piano service unique. At these institutions I have prepared scores of Steinway grands for faculty and students, and prepared Steinway concert instruments for great artists. This level of experience means excellent care for your Steinway. From tuning to regulation to even and responsive voicing, I can bring out the best in your Steinway.

Grand Piano Restoration