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My goal as an experienced rebuilder to improve the performance of your piano with extended service beyond tuning.

This may be a project of one day in length to an extensive restoration of 6 month's duration. The nature of the work is determined by the condition of the instrument and by you, the owner.

The initial phase of a restoration project, whether large or small, is a discussion with you to determine what you need from your instrument. With many grand pianos small projects such as bass string replacement and hammer replacement are good options to improve the performance of your instrument. Quite often in this process I can correct design flaws in your piano to provide a very high value for your investment.

The high quality of the Steinway piano allows for more in-depth restoration work to enhance your piano's performance and value. Parts and materials selection duplicate the original factory specifications to maintain the integrity of your Steinway, and the touch of the action can be customized to your request. With my experience as a Steinway concert technician I offer the best in restoration services for your Steinway.


Piano Restoration Services

Below are the 3 steps in a complete piano restoration. Separately or as a complete package they represent tremendous value, providing high quality, artistically sensitive piano restorations through great attention to detail.


Action Restoration

A complete piano action restoration by Hartzler Pianos achieves precise and responsive performance that addresses all aspects of action design and construction:


Belly Work

Belly work includes repair and replacement of pinblock, soundboard, and bridges. In the belly of your piano resides its heart and soul, providing the foundation for your creative musical efforts. My approach to belly work focuses on strength, stability, and precise workmanship with the following details:


Case Refinishing

A great vintage piano is a work of art; an immaculate case is essential to making your instrument look as good as it sounds. Refinishing work by Hartzler Pianos enhances the presence of your instrument with attention to details:


Additional Services


1 Day In-home Service

Grand pianos will show tremendous improvement with a one day in-home visit to address:

This visit will bring your instrument to a very high level of performance that is easy to maintain with ongoing tuning and voicing. After this service, you can expect your instrument respond quickly and smoothly, with beautiful tone.


Touchweight Analysis and Correction

Grand pianos with poor action design or actions that have been restored incorrectly are unresponsive and heavy to the touch. These instruments benefit from touchweight analysis and correction. Remarkable improvements in piano action performance can be achieved with changes in action geometry and inertia.

Fees for touchweight correction are based on the type of problems present in your piano action.

Other small projects such as bass string replacement and partial action restoration may also be recommended for your instrument.From tuning to regulation to even and responsive voicing, I can bring out the best in your Steinway. I can further improve the performance of your piano with small and large rebuilding projects, from action restoration and stringing to full piano restoration.


Piano Restoration Fees

Fees for restoration services vary with condition, size, and musical demands required of your piano.

Upon evaluation of your instrument and discussion with you, I can recommend a restoration plan that suits your musical needs and your budget.


Service Area

Piano restoration services are provided nationwide utilizing a network of piano moving services.



"Bryan has a set of ears that are tuned to what musicians want - he's a musician's technician."

- Dr. Cameron Bennett
Chair, Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Music


Piano Evaluation

If you feel your instrument is not reaching its full potential, contact me to schedule an evaluation of your piano. During this visit I will perform an aural tuning, evaluate your instrument, and then discuss with you in detail the options available to make your piano responsive and beautiful. My piano restoration services encompass all aspects of piano performance, including:

With this full service approach, I can develop a plan of action for you that suits both your musical needs and your budget. Contact me to schedule an appointment.



My expertise in all aspects of piano performance insures that your instrument will receive the best quality care. If you need quality in-home service for your upright or grand piano, I provide all of the services you need for your instrument, from tuning to all repairs, with great customer service that you can feel comfortable with.

If you need service for a Steinway piano, I have the expertise to provide the best in service for your Steinway. My experience at all-Steinway institutions such as The Boston Symphony Orchestra as well as summer music festivals at Aspen and Tanglewood requires an in-depth knowledge of the Steinway piano that makes my Steinway piano service unique. At these institutions I have prepared scores of Steinway grands for faculty and students, and prepared Steinway concert instruments for great artists. This level of experience means great care for your Steinway. From tuning to regulation to even and responsive voicing, I can bring out the best in your Steinway. I can further improve the performance of your piano with small and large rebuilding projects, from action restoration and stringing to full piano restoration.


All photographs on this website feature instruments restored by Hartzler Pianos.

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