Piano Tuning

A well tuned piano is the bedrock of great piano performance. A piano that is out of tune or poorly tuned will never sound great. It may be acceptable, but in the case of fine instruments like the Steinway piano, acceptable is not good enough. Temperaments need to be smooth like butter. Unisons are clean and pure, and octave stretch is perfect to allow the piano to breathe and strut its stuff. And the piano tuning needs to be rock solid. A potentially great piano tuning that slips during a performance under the rigors hard playing is not great at all. It needs to hold true despite the demands placed on the instrument by the performer. A crashing and thunderous passage followed by a beautiful and exposed melodic line is unpleasant and unnerving for the performer if the tuning is not stable. I enjoy being a part of the Columbus music scene as a piano technician, providing concert level piano tuning for musicians in the Columbus and Delaware areas.

Piano Tuning in Columbus