Steinway Piano Restoration

A Steinway piano restoration adds another level of history and interest. With a new Steinway piano, one feels a connection with history through the thread of design and manufacturing that exists largely unchanged from the turn of the last century. With a rebuilt Steinway piano, the pianist experiences this history directly. A vintage Steinway piano has seen generations of experience, and these choice bits of history are writ large on the piano. Who was the original buyer? Where has the piano been? What famous pianists have played the piano? What intense human drama has the piano helped to facilitate through the artistic experience? These and other questions imbue the restored Steinway piano with a touching and beautiful humanity that speaks to us all.

Older Steinway pianos often are far from perfect. Throughout its history Steinway and Sons has had its share of problems with design and manufacture. Teflon clicks, verdigris seizes old actions, and serious action design problems make some older Steinways very difficult to play. The attentive and intuitive piano restoration identifies and corrects these and other problems that Steinway and other manufacturers have experienced over the years. The one –on-one dialogue between the piano technician and instrument in the piano restoration process allows for attention to detail that would be prohibitively expensive in the factory setting. In this way a fine restored Steinway piano will often perform much better that a new instrument.

Steinway Piano Restoration in Columbus