Steinway Piano Tuning

Buying a Steinway piano is a daunting task. Big dealers, the ones that sell new Steinway pianos, are just that: big. The in depth attention to detail that the Steinway piano needs to perform as a whole instrument, one that is balanced, beautiful, responsive, and powerful, can be difficult for big dealers to provide given the priorities they have to juggle. This is where I come in. If you have a new Steinway piano, or a restored Steinway piano, or another potentially beautiful piano such as a Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, then your piano needs rigorous attention to detail to perform well. Proper and knowledgeable service will open doors to a great musical experience. A piano that is balanced will project. A piano that has a good power structure will move both the pianist and audience. A piano that is even will inspire confidence that allows free flow of musical ideas. A piano that is well regulated will seamlessly connect the player with his instrument. These and other details are absolutely essential for developing the character and potential of your Steinway piano. A great piano that is not at 100% can be simply heartbreaking; one that is maximized is absolutely breathtaking. I serve piano tuning clients in the Columbus and Delaware areas.

Steinway Piano Tuning Columbus