Steinway Pianos

The Steinway piano is unique in the world of high end pianos. Since the advent of the modern piano 150 years ago, no other manufacturer has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the discerning musical public quite like the Steinway piano. Saavy marketing has been helpful for Steinway, but all the hype in the world is nothing if you can't deliver. And the properly prepared Steinway piano always does. I feel that Steinway has developed an approach to power and tone color that speaks to our natural and intuitive perception of sound, like our natural drive to seek and enjoy sunlight, the singing of birds, or the rustling of leaves. The tremendous range of tone color available in a well-prepared Steinway piano is simply breathtaking; at this level of performance the artist perceives no end to the available power and color choices. This is when the sublime happens. We've all experienced it. Think of the great performances you have experienced in your lifetime. They were undoubtedly on a Steinway piano, and you can probably still feel the tremendous energy that bound the audience together with the artist in rapt attention. These are moments we as music lovers never forget, and they are enabled by the attentive behind-the-scenes work of fine concert piano technicians who understand the possibilities of the Steinway piano.

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